APS Growers

APS are a family owned and operated business with strong family values, they are the UK's largest supplier of British tomatoes to the high street, responsible for approximately 30% of total UK production. They have been growing for over 65 years and have glasshouses that produce around 500 million tomatoes per year ranging from cherry to beefsteak

Our Story

When a contact at a former client was made redundant and decided to relocate and take a new job it wasn’t long before his new employer was looking to recruit.

Having had previous experience of working with us he had no hesitation in recommending our services.

We picked up 2 roles which the company was struggling with at 2 very different sites on opposite sides of the country.

Through our modern approach to recruitment we were able to devote resources to both positions and turn the roles around in a short space of time.

Having a dedicated sourcing team meant we weren’t limited by resource constraints and were able to deliver a high level of consistency in our service.

We have gone on to support APS in a number of areas and have an exclusive arrangement for recruitment.