They are the UK’s largest independent builders’ merchant, with 47 branches across England and Scotland.They provide building, timber and plumbing supplies, and stock a wide range of products from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

MKM is built on a strong foundation which put’s its people right at the heart of its success. They pride themselves on customer service and believe that it’s their employees who really set them apart from the competition.

Our Story

Since opening our business in 2014 MKM has been a key client of ours. From the first meeting with members of the MKM management team we quickly established a synergy based on our core philosophies of innovation and high customer services. Over the subsequent years we have been instrumental in delivering high performing staff for a number of growth departments including Sales. Marketing, Procurement and Logistics.

Through the work we have done with MKM we have developed an open working relationship where we are more than just a recruiter for them.