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Sourcing the best just got better

The best candidates already have a job, they are good at what they do and they need a good reason to listen to you. Our People Technology approach enables us to first find them and more importantly respectfully engage with them in such a manner that response rates are 48% higher.

Sourcing strategies
People Technology
Increased Candidate response rate

70% of the candidate marketplace are not actively engaged with a recruiter or looking at job adverts. Learn how we find and engage with the best talent available.

The Power of Video Interviewing

Find your perfect fit & benchmark against average.

Compare what a good CV looks like next to a great  interview. It’s a tough truth, but some people just perform better on paper than in reality.

Find ‘hidden gems’ and your cultural fit before you take the time to organise time consuming face to face interviews.

Good on paper
Great in interview
Assessing capabilities and cultural fit
Reduce Candidate Costs and travel time by 67%
80% of employee turnover can be linked to faults in the hiring process
Save 30% costs through the reduction of interviews by your highest paid team

A great experience for all

Pick the best talent

The best usually have a job already. We have access to the best talent pool available and have the People Technology to make a great first impression.

Reduce time to hire

Hiring can be a long and complicated process. Not now we can guarantee interviews within a week.

Create a positive experience

60% of potential candidates abandon the recruitment journey because of its length/complicity/ bad administration leaving behind a negative brand experience.

Ensure Culture Fit

  • Eliminate unconscious bias

  • Evaluate cultural fit at CV submission phase

  • Meet your Diversity & Inclusion Needs

  • Uncover hidden gems within the candidate shortlist

Connect with the best candidates anytime, anyplace

  • Request interview types to suit; elevator pitches

  • 5 Q’s or one to one interviews

  • Review and share interviews with stakeholders on any device.

  • Watch as many times as you like

Identify Sectors

Forerunners in industry understanding

A People Technology Process

Friendly Team

  • Fully experienced

  • Available after office hours

  • Client centric

  • Candidate champions

  • Results driven

The Right Technology

  • Candidate database access

  • Home grown contacts

  • Candidate friendly CRM

  • Advanced client and candidate video contact and interviewing  solutions

Unrivaled Results

  • Access, attract and hire the best

  • Reduce time to hire

  • 100% transparent no hidden surprises

  • Improved brand awareness

  • Eliminate costly hiring mistakes

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Working with innovative companies

Identify use a people focused flexible system for recruitment, whatever the challenge, they provide us with the support we need. We always use their video recruitment service, it just makes sense we can judge a cultural fit early in the process which is important to us. We save time, but more importantly we get the right person for the job.

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