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We believe in flexibility. Not every organisation is the same. Some require our fully retained ‘All In’ service whilst others need just some of what we do. However you need us, we promise you this…

Your recruitment process will improve with us as your partner.

Engage and Attract Sourcing Candidates

Our Engage and Attract system uses the most advanced technology and the total experience of our sourcing team to unearth the best possible candidates to consider.

No other sourcing team can produce the results we can.
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Advanced recruiter only search database access.

We invest huge amounts in cash, resources and team training to have access to the best data and when we have it our team are trained to make the absolute most from it.

Homegrown and handpicked candidate CRM. We don’t rely on data that is cultivated elsewhere we have years of experience and know the value of managing your own data. We have access to candidates that we know well and have actively engaged with over the years.

Email and social media video introduction technology.

Increasing candidate response rates and increasing click through rates up to 96%.

Our People Technology approach enables us to first find candidates and more importantly respectfully engage with them in such a manner that response rates are 48% higher.

We target the passive candidate. 85 percent of employed professionals worldwide are open to switching jobs. If you ignore passive candidates, you’ll miss out on some great hires. Passive candidates are 120 percent more likely to make a strong impact on your company.

Struggling to find perfect fit. Let us help.
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Video Suitability Assessments and Interviews

Guaranteed assessments, gone are the days of recruiters emailing you CV’s with nothing more than a cursory glance. 100% transparency, follow the process and see the progress we make at each stage.

Here’s How Video Can Help

Reduce time to hire. Hiring can be a long and complicated process. Not now we can guarantee  assessments / interviews within a week.

Compare what a good CV looks like next to a great interview. It’s a tough truth, but some people just perform better on paper than in reality.  Find ‘hidden gems’ and your cultural fit before you take the time to organise time consuming face to face interviews.

60% of potential candidates abandon the recruitment journey because of its length/complicity/ bad administration leaving behind a negative brand experience.

Connect anywhere.

Video reduces the costs involved with interviews for the candidate. You no longer have to rely on the limited talent on your doorstep. Cast your net wide.

Connect any time.

We work outside of the 9-5 so candidates  can attend interviews outside of hours,  they feel less stress and pressure having to juggle their current job with also applying for a new one.

Skills and Culture Based Video Assessments. Let us help.
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Video Advertising

The most persuasive way to promote the position, your brand and your culture.  Give your team the tools to promote and engage with candidates.

Here’s How Video Advertising Can Help

Passive candidates perform extensive research on their own before they consider switching jobs

92 percent of candidates would consider switching jobs if a company with an excellent reputation offered them a position.

87 percent of professionals rate professional career growth and developmental opportunities as important to them in a job. This means that people don’t change jobs for short-term benefits, they do it because they believe it’s the proper next step in their career.

Passive candidates won’t leave their current role unless they’re confident they’ll love working somewhere else.

Incentivise your employees to share branded content on their personal social media profiles. Research shows 44.5 percent of job seekers say they are more likely to apply for an open position if they come across it on the profile of someone they know rather than through the feed of a company or even a recruiter. When your employees share your content, it shows passive candidates that your team is engaged with and are passionate about their jobs.

Tell your story through video. Let us help.
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Let us take the strain. We will use all the expertise and experience our team have garnered over the years together with world class technology to Search, Attract and Engage with the best possible candidates available.

Recruitment does not have to be difficult

We have worked hard to take what could be a complex service into something that is simple to understand and easy to deliver to a high level, consistently.

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